So You Caught A Cold? Here’s What I Do To Naturally Heal And Reconnect With My Body’s Needs

How to heal from a cold naturally and reconnect with your intuition

As I’m writing this words I’m still recovering from a cold.

What can I say, nothing sexy to talk about: my nose is running, my head feels like it weighs more than usual, and I can barely keep my eyes open.

On top of this I sometimes cough my lungs out making a sound similar to a gracious donkey. (What, who said donkeys can’t be gracious?)

Anyway, I’ve been observing myself carefully these last couple of days, since the first symptoms creeped in: from the moment it started with a sore throat and up to the current phase. 

My Take on Naturally Healing a Cold

In the last couple of years I’ve been consciously working on improving my natural immunity by avoiding any of the usual drugs: from the aspirin to the antibiotics.

So my approach to this is to take some vitamin C, eat garlic, ginger and onions, drink fresh juices and herbal tea, have salt baths and feet massages and rest as much as I can.

In the beginning, after my body has been used to the help of drugs it took me almost 2 weeks to fully recover, from which one week I would be totally out of order. 

Gradually this time has shortened and the intensity of the symptoms has lessened. 

Like today I took the day off from work but I was still able to to go out and get groceries to prepare my fresh juice and hot soup.

It’s more uncomfortable on the short term to deal with the regular colds this way, but on the long term the benefits are worth it. 

Now, on the side of the mind-body machinery and how the state of one influences the other, there is no better time to test this theory than in times of catching a cold. 

Using The Feeling Sick Days To Observe The Inner Dialogue

I used to get very sad and depressive the moment I started to feel sick.

This happened because I didn’t have the practice of meditation, of observing my thoughts, my emotions or my physical sensations as such, without identifying myself with them.

So I was constantly in the grip of the ever-changing moods and physical states.

Now, I’m not implying that an aching body and high temperature are something to make us jolly but we can observe our thoughts related to these aches and pains.

And by all means, if your state gets worse, go see a doctor, it might be something more serious than a common cold!

But if all you got is an ordinary cold, you can use these days to deepen the connection with your body and your intuition.

From my experience, this is a very good practice to develop mindfulness and re-connect with our unchanging core.

In times of physical unease observe without judgment or impatience what arrises in every moment. 

Like, instead of going:

“Oh shit, I am sick again and I have ALL this work to do! I can’t be sick now, I don’t have the time for this! I hate my body for failing on me again…etc.”

you could try this approach:

“I feel I have a sore throat and an aching body and my overall energy is very low. Although I do have loads of work, if I experience this it means that I have neglected some basic needs of my body and is time to honour them. Yes, it feels uncomfortable, but this is a normal phase of my body healing itself. I love and approve of myself even though I experience this cold.”

And then really give yourself the time to sit with yourself, resting and observing the miracle of your body healing and helping it as much as you can with natural remedies.

Anytime an unpleasant physical sensation arrises observe it, name it and let it be.

The best mantra in times of feeling like crap: “this too shall pass!” It works like a charm, but you have to be persistent.

I also like to remind myself of this joke: “The common cold is healed with treatment in 7 days, and without treatment in one week.”

Other Meanings of Catching a Cold

Our body is our gateway to our intuition and the more we become aware of its needs the more we can understand its signals.

If we have neglected ourselves and caught a cold it is usually a signal that we need to rest and spend time alone.

Cold is also said to be a sign of confusion, in some books that address the emotional causes of sickness. Thus having a cold gives us the break to sit and think things through. 

So if this applies to you it might help to do some free writing and just dump all the thoughts that go through your mind on paper. Who knows what answers might come out of that?

Wrapping it up:

If you want to deepen the connection with your body show respect for its natural healing mechanisms when you catch a cold.

Allow yourself to rest and help the healing process by eating less solid food, drinking loads of fresh juices and herbal tea, and taking natural remedies like garlic or ginger. 

And do not judge or reprimand yourself for getting sick.

Accept it and observe whatever happens in your body, reminding yourself that in a couple of days you’ll feel better.

Do this little mindfulness practice and you’ll deepen your connection with your body and your inner voice.

With all my love, 


P.S. I am feeling a bit better now that I’ve shared this thoughts with you. Take care! 🙂