How to listen to your intuition

How To Start Listening To Your Intuition – The Absolute Begginer’s Guide

If you’re reading this you should already have an idea about what intuition is and isn’t and have some understanding on how it works backed by science.

If you haven’t read these posts yet, go read them and come back after.

If you did, let’s continue. Since you are aware of the benefits of understanding how intuition works and how it can help you live a more harmonious, joyous life we can start doing stuff to create this.

So let’s get to the nitty gritty of how to actually do something every day to start tuning in with your inner voice. 

I’ve been testing and experiencing many ways to do this, either on myself or with my clients. In this post I’ll give you the absolute beginner’s steps so you can start doing this right after you’ve finished reading this. 

Step 1 – How To Start Listening To Your Intuition Through Your Sensations & Emotions

For this exercise you need to grab a pen and paper and block 5 to 10 minutes of private time. This means turn off your cell phone and make sure you’ll not be disturbed for the next 10 minutes. 


Good. Now breath in deeply, exhale slowly and fully and think of 3 situations from your past experiences when

  • you felt in tune with the flow of life,
  • when everything seemed to be happening at the right time,
  • and you were in the right place, meeting the right people. 

You know that feeling, when you felt like all the stars were aligned in your favour. 

These 3 situations can be simple moments when you were alone in nature or with someone you loved, or when you’ve experienced some kind of success: your college graduation, your first promotion at your job…it can be anything that you consider small or big, it doesn’t really matter. 

The exercise consists of thinking about and then describing in writing the following:

1 The specific situation, in brief. Focus on answering shortly to when? what? with whom? where?

2 The sensations in your body. For this you might need to let yourself be immersed again in that situation, that’s why it’s good to allow yourself a few minutes.

Scan your solar plexus, your tummy, your entire body, your feet, your shoulders, and write down specific sensations.

They might be or not similar to: “my solar plexus feels warm and expanding”, “my feet are grounded”, “I have a smile on my face”, “my back is straight” or “I have a warm, fuzzy feeling in my whole body”.

Each person is unique and has her own signals, make sure you identify yours.

3 The emotions and feelings you were experiencing: relaxation, peace, calm, joy, determination, feeling energised and so on. These are the most common, you might experience different ones. There is no right or wrong here.

4 The thoughts you had about yourself and the world. You might have had thoughts like: “I can do anything I set my mind to”, “We are all one”, “The world is a wonderful place to live in”, “All is well” and so on.

It’s important to identify your view of the world while being in tune with your intuition. 

Hand writing connects you better with your subconscious mind and that is why it’s better to do this the old school way.

After you finish this exercise the end result will be a piece of paper that will contain the basic reference points, specific to You, when you are in tune with your inner guidance system.

This piece of paper can and should be further developed and refined as you become more aware of your intuition. 

The next exercise will help you do just this throughout your daily activities, without the need to block out 10-15 minutes. 

Step 2: Ask Yourself 3 Times a Day “How do I feel?” 

For the next week, put a reminder on your phone to ring 3 times a day.

Every time it rings ask yourself: “How do I feel now?” or “How does my body feel? What do I need?” and write a short answer in a notebook or on a note taking app on your phone.

It will take you only a few seconds or one minute to do this, so it won’t affect your productivity. You might think this tiny exercise can’t do much for you, but trust me, after one week you’ll start seeing some benefits.

Becoming aware of how you feel, of what your body feels like or needs in various moments of your day, will help you have a bigger picture of your state of awerness and contact with your intuition. 

Observing without judging where you are, how you feel, brings you back to yourself regardless of how busy your life is. 

After doing this second exercise for one week you can come back to the sheet of paper you wrote during the first step and add some new sensations, emotions or thoughts if you have them. 

So that’s it for now, I’ll be back in one week with 2 new steps that you can add to your daily practice in order to become a better intuitive. 

Let me know how this was for you in the comments bellow, I would love to hear from you.

All my love, 


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