Welcome to Intuition Ways,

your guide to intuitive living. 

Imagine you are walking on a beach on a morning summer day.

You are barefoot, the sun is not too hot, the sea is calm and

the gentle breeze caresses your skin.  

Feel the warm, velvety sand under your feet.

Take a deep breath in.

Feel the salty air in your nostrils.  

Enjoy the gentle massage of the waves on your feet.

You hear the seagulls and watch them fly and play nearby.

You are safe. You are relaxed and content.

You feel one with the sea, the sand, the sun, the whole earth.

This moment is perfect.

You are enough just the way you are.

When you are aligned with your Intuition this is how you should feel.

Your life should feel like a walk on the beach every day.

Not because you are physically on the sea side,

but because inside you feel like this.

And you can be in the bus, or in your car in a rush hour,

at work doing your job or with your family at home.

It doesn’t matter where you are and what the external conditions are.

As long as you are centred and connected with your inner voice

you can deal with whatever arises in the moment with grace and ease and joy.

Intuition, “gut feeling”, Soul’s voice or whatever you call it

is always there for you

Here you’ll find practical, simple, no BS advice on

how to tune in with your intuition,

how to listen and trust its advice in spite

of what your reason or anyone else is telling you. 

So you can create the life that you want,

following your heart, step-by-step, day after day.